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Spring Fashion – Spring Fabrics, belted Abaya, Classic Thobe and spring shades at Alhannah Islamic apparel for men, women and kids. Our spring Abaya, thobe, Hijab, & women’s modest tunics are here!

Women Fashion:
Layered Satin Abaya
Pearls and Lace Abaya
Spring Ruffles Abaya
Prayer outfits
Womens Long tunics
Amira Hijab

Men’ Fashion
Daffah Thobes
Embroidered Salwar kameez

Boys Fashion

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New Arrivals at Al Hannah Islamic Clothing

Brand new styles are in – and even more to come!   New styles from Al Karam are here, and will be made avaialble for purchase soon – including plenty of exclusive selections you can’t find anywhere else!   We have a variety of new Prayer Outfits, Abayas, Hijabs, and more.  Restocks of popular items are in – including Men’s selections.   Additionally – we have an upcoming shipment of all-new Plus Size garments scheduled to arrive soon.   As always, our plus sizes are real plus sizes – not a “medium” that happens to be just a bit roomier than the rest.   Keep an eye out for our new selections!

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Since we started business – we’ve always had Prayer outfits in-stock.   We’ve seen many different styles over the years.   Some are better than the others – however – there is always a standard that these types of outfits are held to.   We have raised that standard.

We are happy to announce a new line of prayer outfits we now offer.   These outfits are made in Jordan, and of some of the best quality we have offered to date.   What makes these outfits unique, however – is while they are better made – cost more to manufacture – and are superior in design and quality … we have held our price the same as we have always offered.   Better products than our competition can offer –and even our own– at our very own low prices.

No other retailer will offer you this type of quality – at this price.

We are positive you will be as pleased with our new prayer outfits as we are.  We hope you take advantage of our great offer of these items at our everyday low price of $14.99.   Not only do we offer up our great price – we also offer a selection of hard-to-find prints!   You’re not stuck with a choice of “plain”, or a print and color you don’t particularly like.   We have a variety of prints & colors – one for every taste.

Be sure to take a look at our new Prayer Outfits today!

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This weekend has been busy for our graphics people!   We have a number of brand-new products online now.  New selections have arrived in Hijabs, Shaylas, Kuwaiti hijabs, Salwar Kameez and more.   Great new products are ready to ship immediately.   In addition, we’ve been doing our best to secure great pricing as always – so – where others need to raise prices … and offer occasional sale prices – we’ve locked in our prices to offer you our lowest prices everyday!   We’ll continue to list more new products.   Keep an eye out for them.

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Here at AlHannah, we have staff members who work outside, handle boxes – and basically wear out our hands. We recently received a new product in our inventory, and as part of our listing process – we opened one up to test.

In short, this is one of the most amazing products we’ve ever used.

 Cocoa Butter Cream with Aloe Vera

Cocoa Butter Cream with Aloe Vera

This Cocoa Butter cream – is one of the best we’ve ever used! The cream absorbs quick, isn’t very greasy, and smells just about like a candy bar ( as tempting as it may be – don’t try to take a bite out of your hand! ) The cream soaks in deep too – it won’t wash right out with soap & water, and keeps your hands good and moisturized for hours. Even applied at night – it keeps working overnight and leaves the hands great in the morning.  It even soothes painful cracks almost immediately.   With the quick absorption – it can be used anywhere – feet, hands, elbows, etc…. It beats many of the store-bought products hands down, and best of all – there’s no questionable ingredients. It’s Halal AND vegetarian. We’d love to say more about this cream – but we can’t say enough. Even better than how good it works – is the price: $3.25. For the quality of the product, it could be offered at retail for a few times MORE than this – however, as always, we’re keeping our price as low as we possibly can. Give this cream a try! We’re positive you will be as pleased as we are with this wonderful product.

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We’ve just added about 2 dozen brand-new Salwar Kameez for Ramadan.    Brand new prints, in a variety of sizes (including small/petite!).   Comfortable fabrics – and as always – constructions and materials at prices that can’t be matched.

These are just a few of our brand-new selections & restocks that we have ready for this Ramadan.   Insha Allah, please check back with us often for even more new arrivals!

Thanks for shopping with us – and Ramadan Mubarak!

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A variety of updates have been posted to our Men’s section – including – restocks of Salwar Kameez and other popular items.   New colors and sizes have been added for a number of items – including both of our Salwar Kameez styles – with sizes up to 6XL.    We have also restocked our Men’s Vests – also with sizes up to 6XL.

We have a larger variety of Afghan turbans – expanded selections in Kurta shirts – and more!   Updates will be added later today as well – and throughout the weekend.

Additional updates are coming soon – so be sure to check back.

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Salwars in Every Color

Salwars in Every Color

Our web & design team has worked through the night to bring you many new Salwar Kameez styles!   We have a good portion of our new Summer selections online right now & ready to view.   All new prints and colors from every end of the spectrum are available.   From vibrant prints, to neutral earth tones – we have something for everyone.   Our size range is from S/M-5XL for this shipment – standard to plus size and everything inbetween.

Be sure to take a look today!

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New selections from Al Karam

New selections from Al Karam

Our latest round of updates has been completed – and we have a variety of wonderful new Al Karam Abaya styles ready to view.   We also are happy to say – this selection has one of our best size assortments ever!

Through special request – we have obtained sizes normally unavailble in Al Karam styles.   We have new Plus Size selections – by Al Karam – available in sizes XL (50″)-5XL (58″).   The same Al Karam quality you know and love – but in the hardest sizes to find!

Our designer and web team are working on the finishing touches with our new Salwar Kameez selections.   Insha Allah – these selections should be prepared by this weekend.

Be sure to check back for our latest selections!

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